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Increase the service life of your bearings and the availability of your machines by following good lubrication practices as recommended by our NTN-SNR experts.

For more than 50 years, our specialist EXPERT & TOOLS teams have been advising and offering you high-performance products for the lubrication of bearings and equipment. With our LUB’SOLUTION product range, you can take better care of your bearings.


Did you know that good lubrication avoids 55% of premature bearing failure? Significantly increase the service life of your bearings by applying lubrication correctly. Apply a lubricating film, also called an oil film , between the rolling elements and the raceways of the bearing.

Benefits of lubrication:

  • reduced wear and risk of seizure.
  • protection against corrosion
  • seal against outdoor pollution and liquids
  • evacuation of debris created by bearing wear
  • energy savings through the reduction of friction, resulting in reduced power consumption.
  • maintaining the thermal balance of the machine by the removal of heat, using a circulating oil system

Lubricating your bearings is good; lubricating them effectively is better! 

Check out the advice from our EXPERTS & TOOLS team on:

  • the choice of lubricant: oil and grease lubrication both have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the operating conditions of your bearings: load, speed, temperature, humidity, presence of water, vibration
  • the method of lubrication: single-point or central multi-point lubrication systems
  • the precise amount of lubricant: benefit from using our precise lubrication tools
  • the frequency of lubrication

Lubrication with oil

  • Important points:
    • good penetration into the bearing
    • good physical-chemical stability
    • lower running temperature
    • easy to control lubricant: level and condition
  • Points to watch out for:
    • sealing required upon installation
    • in the event of prolonged stoppage, poor protection against oxidisation and humidity
    • delay in start-up when used in conjunction with independent lubrication system.


Lubrication with grease

  • Important points:
    • need for cleanliness
    • easy to seal
    • protective barrier
    • simple to install
    • easy to mount
    • reduced, or no additional, lubricant required
    • option to use pre-greased bearings
  • Points to watch out for:
    • friction higher than that of oil
    • lower heat dissipation
    • replacement (if necessary) requires dismounting the bearing and cleaning it
    • difficult to verify the level of grease, therefore a minimum amount of grease must be retained or periodic additional lubrication to compensate for any leaks, losses or ageing.


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NTN-SNR collaborates with the world’s leading lubricant manufacturers to preserve the longevity of your equipment and reduce your costs.

Because general use greases do not meet the specific requirements of all applications, NTN-SNR has developed the LUB’SOLUTION range. Our product range meets every lubrication requirement to guarantee the quality and service life of your equipment.


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