NTN expands its chain timing kit offering!

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Specifically designed to meet the new needs of the automotive aftermarket, NTN now offers 100 part numbers for chain timing kits. NTN offers expertise as an OE and aftermarket manufacturer, including being a world leader in the hydraulic tensioner market. Our kits include high-quality chains, temperature-resistant hydraulic tensioners, precision-machined sprockets and guide rails/tensioners to optimize engine performance.

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Automotive aftermarket: 3 new technical tutorials

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Whether you're an automotive enthusiast or a professional, NTN offers new videos to meet your needs and deepen your technical knowledge. Find out how to replace the timing belt on the Puretech 1.2L engine, or achieve perfect tightening with our SNR nuts. Learn how to correctly use the ASB SNR tester card, an… Read more

NTN Europe launches a range of Auxiliary Electric Water Pumps with over 40 references !

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NTN, a global leader in automotive design, announces the launch of its range of auxiliary electric water pumps. This new range offers over 40 references to meet the growing demand for more efficient cooling systems in electric and hybrid vehicles. The innovative PPS plastic bearing technology reduces… Read more