NTN is prize winner of the French 2030 plan for development of automotive ball screws

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Automotive ball screws

Today we are witnessing a change in the automotive market which is moving towards electric vehicles and autonomous driving. This change is leading to the electrification of certain assistance functions, previously hydraulic or pneumatic, and the development of linear electric actuators. The ballscrew is a major mechanical component of these actuators. It plays a key role in transforming a rotational movement into a translational movement with high precision, very good efficiency, high load capacity in a small space and a very high service life. The ball screw thus enables the actuator to gain in responsiveness, reliability and precision while limiting electrical energy consumption. It is only just beginning to find its place in certain vehicles and will become indispensable. Standard ballscrews (in the catalogue sense) are not enough to meet these new needs; specific products must be designed to optimise space requirements, interfaces and combine functions. NTN has identified a strong potential in this market and is positioning itself by developing application products. The Group is already involved in several projects in partnership with equipment manufacturers. NTN also wishes to develop an activity based in France which favours a short supply circuit (France and in particular the Arve Valley). This project is partially financed by the government within the framework of « France 2030 ».

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NTN was present at the Auto Trade Expo 2022

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On October 15 and 16, 2022, the Auto Trade EXPO was held at RDS Dublin. NTN was present at this event, the most important in the automotive aftermarket in Ireland.    During the weekend, our teams met with automotive professionals and NTN's customers and presented our products as well as our latest… Read more

A new range of water pump accessory kits for SNR

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The new SNR range offers you a single reference for all the elements of the accessory system. A complete and efficient solution with kits that include, depending on the vehicle: belts, rollers and water pumps. Thanks to our kits, you are sure to change the right parts quickly and to bring… Read more