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Looking for customer satisfaction and concerned about offering quality products, NTN can integrate different types of seals into its range of Automotive strut bearings to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the market.

The strut bearing plays an essential role in the vehicle's performance on the road, and it is therefore necessary to guarantee a perfect sealing in an area (wheel housing) where water, mud, gravel, etc… are frequently projected.

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NTN Europe in the spotlight at Underhål in Gothenburg, Sweden

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NTN Europe is proud to announce its participation at Underhål, Europe's largest service and maintenance event, which will take place from 11th to 15th March 2024. Our stand, located at B10:31, will be the central meeting place where we will have the pleasure to exchange with you and showcase our solutions.… Read more

MINING AND QUARRYING in pursuit of performance

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The mining and quarrying market faces many challenges: Harsh environments, heavy loads, constant vibration... At NTN Europe, we provide cutting-edge solutions that meet market requirements and deliver efficiency, reliability and eco-responsibility. Our spherical and sealed bearings are designed to offer… Read more