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Benefit from the expertise of NTN in Europe, a manufacturer of original equipment and multi-specialist in chassis, powertrain and driveline for all your automotive needs.

The international group of companies, NTN in Europe meets all your needs due to its dual Asian and European heritage, and its expertise and knowledge of the development of high-performance products.
Our range is divided into three areas of expertise: CHASSIS, POWERTRAIN and DRIVELINE, all as a result of our knowledge in original equipment and spare parts.
Quality assurance is the main driver for NTN in Europe – reliability and safety is guaranteed! ... Keep reading



With the uncompromising safety requirement of #saferroadtodrive, the chassis department at NTN in Europe offers a complete range of more than 2500 references for the automotive aftermarket, including wheel bearings, ABS sensors, rear disc brakes with integrated bearings, suspension parts and gearbox bearings. Building on our expertise in original equipment, we guarantee... Keep reading

CHASSIS documentation


#intenseroadtodrive : is the main focus within our engine offer. NTN in Europe uses its skills in design and manufacturing of original equipment TIMING components and ACCESSORIES are in the range of service parts. NTN Europe offers customers a wide and complete range of tensioners, timing belt kits and accessories, crankshaft damper pulleys, and air conditioning bearings... Keep reading

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NTN in Europe offers a range of gearbox bearings (both manual and automatic). This range has been exclusively developed by NTN in Europe and comprises more than 310 original equipment bearings. These bearings meet the specifications of European and Asian car manufacturers, as well as operating condition in terms of operation and performance including NVH levels and assembly accuracy, #reliableroadtodrive... Keep reading

GEARBOX documentation


NTN in Europe heavy goods vehicle products are manufactured and subject to the most stringent quality standards. 

All of our new products are developed and tested in our R&D centres. We work closely with the leading manufacturers of original equipment of vehicles and gearboxes. We ensure that our products meet the highest standards... Keep reading



NTN in Europe offers a wide range of wheel bearings, which cover a very large section of the European market... Keep reading

CHASSIS documentation


NTN in Europe works closely with major OEMs of gearboxes during the development of new gearboxes... Keep reading

GEARBOX documentation

New version for the NTN Europe application!

Available on AppleStore and Google Play, TechScaN'R gives customers and mechanics easy access to technical information of all NTN and SNR references. If the application already provided access through recognition of the NTN in Europe part number listed on the box, in catalogues, or on any other type of support, it now offers 3 new product search processes :

  • By scanning the vehicle’s license plate
  • By entering the European VIN number of the vehicle
  • By entering SNR, NTN in Europe or competing references

4 quick and easy ways to access all the necessary data: technical videos, augmented reality display of the part, assembly (step-by-step) or maintenance instructions, vehicle applications, catalog, new product ...

TechScaN'R is the ideal tool for mechanics to find the right part and all associated technical materials.



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All documentation and NTN in Europe marketing material, such as catalogues covering the range of products, product brochures and technical data is available to download.


Among the NTN in Europe videos, take a look at the tutorials, recommendations and best practices for assembly and disassembly of products intended for the vehicles being repaired.


Automotive Aftermarket news

Wheel hub

NTN expands its Truck product portfolio with wheel hub bearings!

21 March 2024 - Markets

From March, the NTN range of hubs with integral bearings will be available. Compliant with OE standards, these high quality hubs will ensure rapid fitting in the workshop while reducing vehicle downtime. With 3...


NTN Winter Pro Days: Exceptional Offers on the CVJ Range

01 March 2024 - Markets

This winter, NTN Europe invites you to discover must-have exclusive offers during the "NTN Winter Pro Days," a unique opportunity for professionals to benefit from exceptional promotions on our CVJ range, up to...

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