for heavy duty trucks

By choosing NTN or SNR products for your heavy duty trucks, you ensure maximum reliability at an affordable price.


NTN in Europe covers a very large section of the European market for heavy duty trucks.

Our wide and complete range of wheel bearings covers all the needs of the market. 

  • 140 references for tapered roller bearings
  • 25 references for bearings hubs 

All SNR bearings are manufactured according to high quality standards that significantly increase their life and optimise performance.

  • Carburising  to ensure a long service life in difficult environments (shocks, heavy loads, etc.)
  • Specific internal geometry to reduce friction, 
  • Special attention is paid to the ‘convexity’ of the taper rollers and raceways to improve the load carrying capacity of the bearing.

We focus on reliability and service life to limit ’off-road time’ and reduce your maintenance costs. At NTN in Europe, we also focus on ease of maintenance during assembly operations.



NTN in Europe offers a complete range of gearbox bearings, covering the needs of the main heavy duty trucks operating in Europe. With our wide range and NTN's worldwide network, we are able to cover large parts of the Asian and American markets.

The truck gearbox range is composed of 220 references, 121 of the parts are dedicated to the European market the other 99 parts are for Asian vehicle market.

The truck market is a very important  one for NTN in Europe, whose range is growing every year.


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