Steel quality : A key parameter for high precision bearings

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NTN has developed a performing steel. Due to the chemical composition and an improved surface quality the maintenance cost are reduce and the performance of the product increase. 

About "LA material"

Due to the chemical composition and an improved surface quality, our customers can expect the following advantages from the "LA material" 

  • 6 times higher wear resistance
  • 15 times higher anti-seizure properties
  • 13 times longer rolling fatigue life at room temperature
  • and a 30 times higher rolling fatigue life at 200 ° C

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NTN is launching its YouTube channel entirely dedicated to Automotive Aftermarket repairers

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Our Italian company launches NTN Proftec

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Our Italian company launches NTN Proftec, a parternship has been signed to train students about bearing technologies. As a response to the widespread difficulty in seeking technical skills in the manufacturing sector, ICSA SpA, the Italian company of NTN Group launch PROFTEC, an… Read more