Steel quality : A key parameter for high precision bearings

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NTN has developed a performing steel. Due to the chemical composition and an improved surface quality the maintenance cost are reduce and the performance of the product increase. 

About "LA material"

Due to the chemical composition and an improved surface quality, our customers can expect the following advantages from the "LA material" 

  • 6 times higher wear resistance
  • 15 times higher anti-seizure properties
  • 13 times longer rolling fatigue life at room temperature
  • and a 30 times higher rolling fatigue life at 200 ° C

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Summer Promo Days are back!

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NTN-SNR presents: the KIZEI® success story

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NTN-SNR highlights its flagship product: the KIZEI® spherical roller bearing. Optimised performance, reduced maintenance costs, ease of use, discover the success story of this product "Armoured to face the dirt". Consult the documentation