a commitment to fair and sustainable development and better group performance

The approach adopted by NTN-SNR to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is of the highest level among companies in its sector.

The long-lasting and participatory initiatives taken by NTN-SNR guarantee sustainable development based on ethics, responsible purchasing, continuous reduction of our impact on the environment, better working conditions and the transfer of knowledge and skills.

With an EcoVadis score of 74/100 awarded for the 2017 fiscal year (April 2017–March 2018), NTN-SNR has achieved GOLD status in its CSR policy, confirming:

  • a structured approach to CSR
  • quantified commitments and tangible actions addressing the issues
  • detailed information on implementation
  • a CSR report on activities/performance indicators


With a 26-point increase in its assessment over the last five years, EcoVadis has given NTN-SNR the GOLD award for its commitment.


This achievement recognises a strong engagement and is the result of, not only the commitment to action but also, the sustained effort of our approach.


Our pro-active approach allows us to tackle social and environmental issues. NTN-SNR is looking to the future and is committed to sustainable development.

Social engagement

To encourage access to employment and development in the workplace, to tackle all forms of discrimination (age, sex, education etc.), as well as to transfer knowledge and skills in line with NTN-SNR values.

Societal commitment

The desire of NTN-SNR to become involved in the local community. Through partnership activities (visits to our premises from schools, etc.) and patronage (sponsorship, sports events, etc.) NTN-SNR is resolutely looking to the future and the discovery of the industrial world and the various jobs within it.

Ethical commitment

This relates to NTN-SNR principles and values and helps satisfy requirements linked to the expectations of our partners and ever increasing risks.

Responsible Purchasing Policy

This is based on collaborative and responsible values on a human, ethical and environmental level.

Sustainable Development

Our policy is witness to a strong commitment to:

  • reduce the impact on the environment from our activities and our products
  • the relationship of trust with our stakeholders


Take a closer look at our actions     Access the CSR Report


Corporate Social Responsibility is the contribution of business to sustainable development. Our approach is to take into account the social and environmental impacts of our business to adopt best practices and contribute to the betterment of society and protection of the environment.
To assess our performance in CSR in the most objective way possible, we are working closely with the EcoVadis exchange, an online evaluation platform. This online platform is an interface between customers and companies, and it allows information on sustainable development to be shared and disseminated. 
The result of the EcoVadis evaluation has allowed us to identify the progress required to continually improve our performance, to enhance our approach and to be able to compare ourselves to other companies in our sector. 
Our goal is to always go further with our CSR policy and to make NTN-SNR a company that is resolutely looking towards a sustainable future. NTN-SNR wants to put this approach at the heart of the Group's strategy, with the 3 pillars of sustainable development, namely social engagement, societal commitment and environmental responsibility, increasingly contributing to the company's improved performance.

Stève RICHEZ - NTN-SNR Environment Manager

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