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NTN-SNR and TotalEnergies Join Forces for Mobility
June 2021 - Innovation

NTN-SNR and TotalEnergies Join Forces for Mobility

NTN-SNR, a world leader in precision engineering, and TotalEnergies’ Lubricants department, a major player in the production and distribution of lubricants, are renewing their mutual commitment by…

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June 2021 - Markets

Ntn-snr renews its seasonal promotional offers

After the resounding commercial success of the previous editions, world leading automotive manufacturer NTN-SNR announces its new “SUMMER PRO DAYS.” From June 21-25, automotive aftermarket…

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June 2021 - Innovation, Markets

NTN CORPORATION, Passion for innovation

The NTN Corporation is an important partner for companies that are present in the machine tool market. Due to long-term and close business relationships with leading companies in this market, in…

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Roue 36
May 2021 - Innovation

NTN-SNR takes wheel and transmission bearings into the new generation with a more compact design

Hybrid and electric vehicles are bringing a new set of architectural constraints to running gear designs. As electric vehicles continue gaining traction in the automotive market, car manufacturers…

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prodays primptemps
April 2021 - Markets

NTN-SNR welcomes spring with its “spring pro days”

The good news just keeps getting better: from April 18 to 23, NTN-SNR is renewing the seasonal promotional program it launched in 2020. With the return of sunny spring days, the world leading…

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Ntn-Snr truckline
April 2021 - Markets

Ntn-Snr expands its truck line

Although the average cost of operating a commercial truck ranges from 100,000 to 150,000 euros per year1, the bill increases by several tens of thousands of euros when that truck ends up on the…

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April 2021 - Corporate

NTN-SNR unveils its new client E-Platform

One of the first industrial manufacturers to offer an e-shop 20 years ago, NTN-SNR, the world leader in precision mechanics, is launching its brand new e-commerce platform on Tuesday the 7th of…

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March 2021 - Markets

Wheel bearings get top billing In “date with the aftermarket”

In the context of its “Date with the aftermarket” series, NTN-SNR is keeping its network active. True to form, the world-leading automotive manufacturer has once again focused 4 new videos on one…

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February 2021 - Markets

NTN-SNR unveils new promotional offers during its “WINTER PRO DAYS”

Buoyed by the success of the previous iterations, world-leading automotive manufacturer NTN-SNR is relaunching its seasonal promotional event. From February 15th to 19th, 2021, during Winter Pro…

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January 2021 - Markets

“A date with the AFTERMARKET” strut bearing special

Having already built up a formidable digital presence over the past several years now in order to maintain regular contact with garage professionals, world leading automotive manufacturer NTN-SNR…

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